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Everlasting Swimming Pools
07 March 2013

Relaxation and calm, a space for sport and rest. This is how John Evans' swimming pools can be defined. This renowned interior architect bases his designs on the customers' likes and preferences, as well as on the house or building which will shelter them.
Your dream pool does not require an ample space. Evans believes in the power of the surroundings, adapting each project to the circumstances at the moment and turning it into an authentic aquatic paradise.
"It is not always essential to have an enormous garden or space in the open air: You can have a hot bath or spa in a very compact space, provided that the space design is well arranged and the work is professionally done".
Even though current society is ruled by fashion, Evan' swimming pools are eternal and non-temporary: "I want to create an eternal design that lasts along time and is nicely finished, a design where even the smallest detail is cared for."
In order to make the elegance and charm of the swimming pools stand out, one can incorporate the latest tendencies, such as gyms, spas or massage and cooling rooms. A unique place where well-being and relaxation rule.

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