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2017 Review


When everyone is looking forward to the year ahead, we thought now would be a good time to look back at 2017, reflect and learn from the last year.




A new face in the company, in January we welcomed Gabriella into the JEIAD team.



In February we had an unusual start to the month with Billy Bolton and XX coming into the studio to film the team in action. You can see the final video on our je+1 website www.jeplus1.com.





























We had a lovely surprise in March, opening up Country Life to find that we had made the 100 best architects, builders and interior and landscape designers in Britain.



April and May:

April and May had je+1, our sister company getting ready for Retail design Expo which was a great success.






We are currently working with AC Architects on one of our ongoing projects and in June 2017 they interviewed John to find out more about how architects and interior designers work together. Check out the blog here















July was an exciting month, when our latest residential project was completed! Check out the project here. 






Our Associate Designer Sam celebrated 10 years with us! 






October and November:

October and November saw a great couple of months with lots of PR coverage including Emily’s piece on marble in Bridge for Design and John’s Interview in Hospitality Interiors.
















December was a very busy month, with residential projects coming to completion and of course the office Christmas Celebrations!




Looking into 2018

2018 promises to be another great year for John Evans Interior Architecture and Design ltd with the launch of our new website, some new and exciting projects already on the horizon and of course our ongoing projects.