2019 Interior Design Trends



Another year is soon coming to an end which means it’s that exciting time again to start picking out new trends for the year ahead.
What is going to be popular? What is going to look great, and still be in style 6 months from now?
These are the questions all design professionals and interior enthusiasts will be asking themselves.

Read on to find out what interior trends to look out for in 2019 to really make your home fabulously stylish.



It was in 1860 that Francis Henry Crittall, an ironmonger in Essex, first used this method to create steel-framed windows.
Yet despite being around for nearly 160 years they still feel as contemporary as ever.
This year we have seen Crittall style doors and windows designs from this source, has become increasingly popular on Pinterest and Instagram.
And now we are also seeing them as walls, rear extensions, room dividers and even shower screens.
Crittall style doors allow you to cleverly partition open areas to create different zones, without compromising on light or space.
It’s minimalistic, but also striking, and complements most interior styles, especially Scandi style.

For a super on trend look, transform your bathroom by inserting a Crittall door / partition for the shower, not
only does it look contemporary and stylish, it will also make your room look more spacious and light.



Interior enthusiasts are getting ever more creative with tiles in their home. More recently, Fish scale tiles have been the ‘go to’ option.
(They are also referred to as Mermaid Tiles, which we think sounds a lot prettier!)

Be that in the bathroom, kitchen, hallway or flooring, these tiles are sure to add some quirkiness and style to your chosen room.
The great thing about fish scale tiles, is that they come in a range of beautiful colours to suit any home.
Popular colours are teal, pearly white and Nordic blue(see below image from Topps Tiles). For this trend to work, it’s best to just
have a feature wall dedicated to your chosen fish scale tile, otherwise it can get slightly overwhelming!

It is also best to keep accessories in the room to a minimum with this trend, since you want the wall to be the wow factor.
To complement the tiles, chose either brass or silver finishes, your room will be looking chic and Instagram worthy in no time!



The use of natural materials in the home have become increasingly popular and on trend recently, thanks to images of
Scandinavian style homes on Pinterest and Instagram.

The trend is on track to become even more popular in 2019, as the Scandi / bohemian theme is set
to be an even more major inspiration for interior enthusiasts on social media.

Natural stone, reclaimed wood and metals are key for this trend to work in your home.
Stone counter tops in the kitchen work well, and can look extremely stylish.

For natural materials in your bedroom, a reclaimed wood headboard is a must and looks beautiful with white linen bedding. Also, if you get locked out of your own bedroom, you can check Low Rate Lockmsith in Concord from here! 
You can either purchase a headboard, or be extra thrifty and make one yourself!
Not only are natural materials extremely ‘Instagrammable’ they are actually proven to make you healthier by reducing the
amount of potentially harmful chemical compounds entering your home with man-made fibres.

in Powder Rooms

We’re talking eccentric wallpapers full of either colour, shapes or textures (or all three!)
If it gives you the ‘wow’ factor, then it needs a place in your powder room.

If your room is on the smaller size, think about having a statement feature wall, so as not to enclose the space further.
Accompany this with a large statement light, this works as an accessory in the room, as well as providing brightness to a small space.

If you are lucky enough to have a decent sized powder room, then don’t be shy with your options!
Mix patterns and textures such as a bold print wallpaper accompanied by a fabric
wall hanging or green wall plants and an eccentric painting.

To finish off the trend, hang a beautiful gold mirror on the main wall, not only will this add
luxury to your room, it will also make the space look bigger and brighter.



For 2019, Black will have had a slight makeover. Matte black is set to be a hot interior trend, from lamps,
to coffee tables to kitchen cabinets, this colour is completely versatile and is sure to update your home.

If the thought of matte black in your home scares you slightly, then try introducing the colour in piece by piece. Getting the right kind of shades for the windows is important. You can click here and see more at Maverick Windows website, if you need windows replacements.

Start with a matte black lamp, before which you can click here to investigate from here,  and ensure that the light bulb gives off a soft hue to the room,
this will make the black seem softer and less dramatic.
If drama is what you are going for, then make sure to purchase a few key pieces for this trend,
as black never goes out of style. If you are into DIY, then grab the nearest paint brush and
transform an already existing item in your home for a quick and easy updated look.