Conservatory and Orangery, Exterior and Interior

By John Evans

Following on from our last Blog & Podcast titled,  ‘Inside a Collectors’ luxury Home’ I thought it might be nice to feature the way that we present the ideas and schemes to our clients.

When we presented our ideas for the conservatory, it was originally designed and hand drawn by Architect, Digby Harris, in a 2-Dimensional format.

This design was taken into to Sketchup, (a basic 3-Dimensional program) by our team and modelled as a full sized, dimensionally accurate facsimile of how it would look when completed. This allowed our clients to see the exterior in its entirety, even from angles that wouldn’t be normally possible, before walking into the interior for a good look around.

Nothing is left to chance with this method of presentation and there are no nasty surprises.


Since we first presented this to the client over four years ago it has been built and finished as the previous blog and images below.










The way we present our ideas has changed radically over the years from hand drawn sketches, to the fully rendered 3-Dimensional walkthroughs which we present today.

In my next blog I will show you how the fully rendered 3-Dimensional walkthroughs show not only what a completed project will look like, but give the feeling that we are taking a walk through a fully furnished, completed building.