Bathroom Plants



Brighten up your bathroom this winter with some greenery. When choosing plants for the bathroom you need to take into account the light availability and humidity.




It is important to choose plants that thrive on humidity, the steam from a shower, bath or running hot water creates a humid condition that some plants could not survive in.



Some bathrooms have a good amount of light however other might have little or no light available. This must be taken into account for your unique space when you are picking plants.


Here are our recommendations…


Bromeliad – For a more of a tropical feel, a bromeliad would look perfectly positioned in a window.








Yucca – A small plant like this looks great sitting on a windowsill or can brighten up a darker corner of a bathroom.










Orchid – Great if you want to add a spa feel to your bathroom and a splash of colour.











Peace Lily – A larger plant that is simple and elegant, if you have a bit of space, sit it by the bath.