The benefits of working with an Interior designer


The benefits of working with a professional Interior designer for your home

As professional Interior Designers, we are highly experienced in working with individual clients to nurture and turn their vision into a reality, creating the home they have long dreamed of.

With a wealth of experience and expertise in achieving the finished ‘look’, a good designer will have the ability to deliver design proposals and solutions for the overall layout, structural features (such as staircases), cabinetry & furniture, interior and architectural features (such as doors and architraves), decorative finishes, exterior appearance, as well as producing designs for electrical and Lighting layouts and leading the procurement of FF&E.

Interior Designers benefit from on-going working relationships with, Manufacturers and Contractors allowing them to draw upon experiences and recommend the right products and teams with the best specialist experience to overcome the technical challenges throughout each stage of the project.


Image taken during visit by JEIA+D to workshop of specialist contractor to review and monitor progress on Bespoke Staircase


Such as here at JEIA+D, many design practises are made up of multi-skilled designers with abilities to create ‘Bespoke’ designs for various elements throughout the project.

As an example of this, at JEIA+D we often design bespoke cabinetry for our clients to ensure that every detail fits into the project scheme perfectly. This means the Client does not have to compromise on details by selecting from items which are only available to buy off the shelf, but may not be quite right either functionally or aesthetically for what they are looking for. It also allows clients to have personalised/ individual items which cannot be found anywhere else.


Bespoke Four-poster Bed frame and Bedroom Cabinetry, designed by JEIA+D.




Selecting an Interior Design practice with Architectural capabilities means that clients also benefit from an advanced technical understanding and experience, which is particularly beneficial for new-build homes/ extensions or projects with structural re-modelling.

It is always crucial that if Architects are also involved, the Interior Designers and Architects work closely and cohesively with one and other from as early in the project as possible. This will ensure that wherever possible, the Interior designer can have full clarity and if necessary, influence, the interior layout and finishing details to fall in line with ambitions and plans for the finished aesthetic.  


JEIA+D on site at an early stage to work with Architects and Contractors ensuring that all details are taken into consideration and resolved, eliminating complications further down the line.



At JEIA+D we model and visualise each of our projects in three dimensions, via computer generated software, such as Sketchup. As we buy houses in woodstock, this allows us to get into every corner of the space and address every little detail. It also allows us to physically walk ourselves through the property to get a feel for the space and the way in which the journey evolves.You can consider this advice before buying a property. We can then present this to the client or can approach the Wilkinson Property Management for help, so that they can also walk themselves through their property as many times as they need, to help improve their clarity and understanding of exactly what they will be getting.

For projects with higher budgets, new technology such as Virtual Reality allows clients the opportunity to put on a headset and fully immerse themselves within the space. Whilst navigating through they can also compare and consider various design options/ finishes before committing to spend.


 JEIA+D Team testing out VR Technology


With access to a wider network of resources, professional designers delve into the requirements of each of the Client’s wishes and incorporate them, through design realisation taking into consideration both the look and functionality of the home and everything within it. 

Interior Designers also benefit from ‘Trade’ relationships with suppliers and manufacturers, allowing them to achieve savings on Recommended Retail Pricing, which in turn are passed onto Clients guaranteeing them a better value for money than could be achieved if they went through the procurement process alone.

JEIA+D Team working with in-house resources to select suitable finishes for project.


In many instances, professional designers are also equipped to assist Clients with the sourcing of Artwork, Antiques and other specialist installations. A professional designer will be sympathetic to the style and period of building whilst helping their Client to work within set budgets to create a unique home which reflects their unique personality.