How To Decorate For Small Spaces



Small spaces are cosy, functional and full of character…when decorated correctly! 
Many of us have lived (or are currently living) in a small space,
and know all too well the perils of keeping things tidy, yet homely at the same time.

Below we have gathered some charmingly small space images that are full of decorative inspiration for you.


Small space decorating tips interior

A small kitchen doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the world.
The rule is to keep everything light! White cabinetry, walls and tiles are essential for mini kitchen spaces,
especially if you don’t want the room to feel and look claustrophobic.
For optimal space, have an island bar against the wall, paired with some cute bar stools that you can easily tuck under.
For the island bar, you can get extra crafty and make one yourself, or for the easy option – purchase a slim floating one from the store.

Decorate the room with flowers or greenery, this will look gorgeous in contrast with the white of the walls.


 Small space decor ideas

If you’ve got a free space in the hallway, or even a small area in your home that needs some decorative twist,
a cosy seating area is always a good idea.

It’s practical – perfect for perching whilst putting your shoes on.
It’s on trend – Scandinavian style interiors are still the most ‘liked’ décor trend on Instagram.
And it also adds character to the house.

The seating doesn’t have to be expensive either, it can be a reclaimed piece of wood that can be cut down to size,
as well as smoothed down (because nobody wants a splinter in their derriere!).
To create the illusion of a bigger space, add a simple mirror – Circular one’s are a great look!
For styling, add two or three cushions in soft, neutral colours and a comfy



Just because your bedroom is on the smaller side, doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate it nicely or add any accessories.
For the main features of the room, such as the bed, side tables and curtains,
it’s best to chose lighter colour options – white or pale grey.

Bedside tables should be compact. If your tables are plain, simply turn them lengthways for added space,
(like in the image above). 

Keep the tops as clear as possible, with a green plant on one table and a lamp on the other.
If you have a rather large window installed by Universal Windows Direct of Syracuse NY, then light sheer curtains will look great and will also keep the room bright,
add a blind as well if you like to sleep in total darkness!



Small living rooms can be cosy and full of character when the space is used appropriately.
Whether your room is bigger lengthways or sideways, the placement of furniture is key.
For a sideways room, it’s best to have a main sofa and an accent chair (or two, if you have room).
The main sofa should be directly facing the TV, whilst the accent chairs should go either side, facing each other.
Accent chairs give you the option to add some colour to the room.
The chair’s don’t have to match either, this enables you to go wild with your choice and have some fun!
A coffee table will act as the feature piece in the room.
Chose a light coloured table, so that it doesn’t detract from the furniture or darken the space.

For a lengthways living room, one main corner sofa is ideal. The colour doesn’t really matter for this,
you could even have a gorgeous green velvet sofa with grey walls!
However, if opening and brightening up the room is your goal, then obviously keep walls and furniture light.
Sheer curtains are perfect for this theme, along with fluffy cushions and a shaggy cream rug.
For a more bohemian vibe, add a light coloured wooden coffee table,
along with some pretty flowers in a plain glass jar and coffee table books for decoration.