Beautiful Ways To Decorate Your Staircase




A staircase is the centre piece of a hallway. Therefore it’s a pretty good idea to make it look beautiful
– be that with a fresh coat of paint (that I had to give them a top), a new runner, green plants or removable sticky peel!
Whatever your interior style, there is a quirky, fun way to decorate your staircase.
Take a look at some of our choices below for some inspiration.


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For this false tile effect, you will need to get yourself some removable sticker peel.
The removable sticker peel can
be purchased from online retails such as etsy or Amazon, which
give you the option to chose from so many gorgeous designs and colours.
This method is obviously more popular than using tiles due to the ease of application and the added bonus of being
able to remove it when you fancy a change!
Moroccan inspired tile patterns are a popular choice for these stickers, they pair beautifully
with both light or dark wood flooring.

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A carpet runner is the popular go to option when wanting to decorate a wooden staircase, as
not only it looks lovely, it adds warmth and comfort to a hard wood floor.
Not to mention, being a lot safer due to the grip your feet will have from the carpet, especially in heels!
A runner enables you to add a hint of colour and texture to your hallway, without taking up any space.
Chose a patterned runner in a neutral colour for an updated look that will also be timeless.

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Having plants in the home is a great way to add colour, texture and depth to any room.
Not only are they pretty to look at, but they also have health benefits!
Indoor plants absorb carbon dioxide and release more oxygen into the air;
they also absorb harmful pollutants that we might otherwise inhale.
Add some little green plants to the edge of your stairs, which are potted in lovely baskets for that carefree look.
You can also add plants on the wall of your staircase which will become a feature wall – this is something
a little bit more quirky than photo frames.

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If carpet just isn’t your thing, another great way to jazz up your staircase is to simply paint it. You can take professional help of an expert residential painting contractors in Reston, VA to get the job done.
Either paint the entire stair (this can also include the bannister), or paint
the centre of the staircase to create the illusion of a runner. Residential and commercial painting services can help with this job.
Painting is a simple, yet creative way of bringing a pop of colour in to your hallway.
And if boredom sets in, you can always change the colour in the future!

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Obviously the most popular and easy way to decorate a staircase it by adding framed pictures.
It’s essential that you chose the correct frames for your stairway. From the colour to the
shape, material and size, choosing a frame should not be rushed!
If you have a blank white wall, then the world is truly your oyster. Thin, black wooden frames
look gorgeous against a stark white wall, and are so much easier to style since almost everything goes with
black and white.

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