Adding Colour In Your Home

Adding colour in your home doesn’t have to be daunting or out of your comfort zone.
We know that grey and white interiors have been exceptionally popular in recent times,
the thousands of Instagram accounts dedicated to the theme are enough to tell us that.
However, more and more unique, quirky and fun interior Instagram accounts
have been popping up and have given people major inspiration for adding
more colour and texture to our homes. Mismatched furniture, faux animal print
fabric and colourful flooring are now the norm.


Read on for some tips and inspiration on adding colour to your room.

Green Sofa with Gold AccentImage Source

Many find choosing a sofa for their living room a difficult choice.
What shape, material and colour?
Is it comfortable, or just aesthetically pleasing?!
Nowadays, most stores allow you to tailor your sofa, which makes it a lot easier for us indecisive folk!
Colourful sofa’s are a major trend right now, and certain colours will remain timeless and classic.
Such as emerald green, navy blue, mustard and dark grey, all in velvet materials.
Make sure to add some textured bohemian cushions to finish off the look.
Add some faux fur in there too, if you want!



Pink BathtubImage Source

How gorgeous is this pink bathtub?!
An easy way to add a pop of colour to your bathroom is by painting something in the room after you pop over to this site,
be it a feature wall, cabinetry or in this case, the bathtub! Look for professional painters if you decided to repaint a portion of the space or even the whole bathroom.
It’s also a great way to update your room without having to purchase something new like this (apart from paint).
Don’t be afraid of having patterned tiles in your bathroom. These are another hot interior trend
that can instantly transform a room. Instead of Painting A Building, be eclectic and chose different patterns for the floor
as well as for a shower wall!


Sitting Room

Adding Colour to your living roomImage Source

Colourful artwork on a plain white wall is always a good idea, especially if the paintings
and drawings are mismatched – it gives the wall and room more character.
Try putting them into different coloured / textured frames to really go for that quirky look.
You can either have them in a straight line or in random places across the wall, that part is
entirely up to you!



Adding colour to your bedroomImage Source

Wallpaper mural’s have become increasingly popular in the last year or so.
We are now seeing so many different designs, colours and textures all over
Instagram and Pinterest, that there is a mural design for everyone’s wall.
For this, there is no right or wrong. You can go for the more minimalistic approach
like the image above that can be done easily by commercial painting winnipeg, in which the room is bright, girly and inviting.


Living Room

Adding colour to your living roomImage Source

Or you can go for a moodier, but still as stylish, look with a dark floral mural and
equally as dark walls surrounding the feature, like the image above.
This style works well if your furniture is already on the darker side, such as
dark velvet sofa or black wooden flooring.

Adding colour to your living roomImage Source

Colourful, patterned rugs are another great way to update your room
without necessarily having to change any furniture.
If you want to add some colour to your chosen room, but don’t want to paint any walls or
add crazy art, then a Moroccan or Persian rug is perfect for you!



Adding colour to your hallwayImage Source

Ever thought about painting your door.. from the inside?
If the thought hasn’t crossed your mind, then this image might change that. You should click here to investigate before you proceed with the plan.
This is a quirky, yet simple way to add some colour to your hallway
or any other room.
The best thing about this, is that you can chose whatever colour you want, and change it
as your interior taste changes over the years.

We hope these tips have given you some gorgeous inspiration to update your room!
Let us know what tips you would like to know next.