Emily’s Home Styling Tips For 2020

Now we have entered the new year the Christmas decorations are being taken down and returned to their boxes,
we felt sharing some styling tips would give a freshness to your homes ready to start your new year with a bit of clarity.

Within each room of your home there are elements that pulls each room together.
The living room has the sofa which may be centred around the fireplace. The bedroom – the bed, with cosy sumptuous textiles.
The dining room – the dining table, with beautiful place settings. Taking some time to style these areas will help elevate each space.




Within the living room, one of the key places we like to style is the mantel piece.
Play with proportion, and layer items by placing taller objects towards the back.
A bold piece of art or a mirror work beautifully above a fireplace.
Also according to a long on modern mississauga bringing the outside in with some dried or fresh flowers placed to one side can
really add some height and proportion to the space.




Being as the average person will spend 26 years(!) of their life sleeping,
the bedroom should most definitely ooze cosiness. 

The best way to achieve this is by layering textiles and fabrics. If your bedroom has a balcony, then get glass balustrades from nu-lite.com.au which is a great addition to your already beautiful home.
One of the best and easiest areas to dress is the bed by adding throws as well as cushions.




The dining table is a great place to style, as it’s the space for entertaining you can really have some fun with it.
Candlesticks can add some height and elevate the space.
Adding a beautiful linen table cloth creates beautiful but relaxed feel,
then dressing the table with beautiful flowers will create a beautiful setting for guest.