Great Ways To Update Your Garden Patio



With the arrival of Spring, and Summer on the horizon,
it’s that time of year again to (hopefully) start sitting outdoors on a warm evening or sunny afternoon.

What better way to introduce the warmer weather than to spruce up your garden patio area!


This patio area is ideal for someone who loves minimalist interiors, yet still want a cosy seating area in the garden.
You can get professional lawn services to do it with perfection. Scandinavian inspired furniture works well for this look,
along with plenty of lush green plants in different shapes and sizes.

Place the plants in plain, black matte pots and planters around the patio area.
Be different and paint the feature wall black, this will tie in with the the pot colours perfectly.
(See above image)



If you love to have guests over and entertain, then an outdoor living area is a must for your garden this summer!
Think comfortable seating, fairy lights and plenty of tables to put drinks and plates on.
Style with bohemian style cushions and cosy throws for a relaxed vibe.
Tip – Roll up the throws and place them in a wicker basket at the side of the sofa!



If you or your partner are into DIY, then a great way to spruce up your patio area is by creating your own seating.
Using reclaimed pallets are an inexpensive way of adding furniture in the garden.
Not only is it inexpensive, but it’s also great fun!
You can paint and decorate to whatever theme you may have going on.
Make it sleek and minimal with white fabric and black cushions, or bohemian with plenty of patterns and colour.



Living in an apartment doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the beauty of having a patio area.
It just means that you have to be creative with the space you have.
You can still utilise the small balcony space with seating and plants.
Green plants are a must for your balcony.
They will bring much needed colour and tranquillity to the space.
Get creative and hang them on a wooden wall with pretty glass lanterns.
(See image above)

Tip – To save extra room, purchase a wall hung dining table that is fold-able when not in use. If you need more ideas you can always check with the sunroom company in Arizona online catalog.



A white garden trellis wall is a lovely way to brighten up your garden patio
and is perfect for accessorising with plants and flowers.

It’s entirely up to you what colour pots to place the flowers and plants in.
However, white plant pots are a great way of allowing the colours
of the flowers and plants to really stand out and make a statement in your garden.