Great Ways To Update Your Kitchen Counters

Updating your kitchen doesn’t have to be a full on renovation. If you haven’t got the budget for a brand new look, there are plenty of other, fun ways to update your kitchen. The best way to breathe some new life into the space is through the counter tops. (Visit a place like if you want a stylish counter tops) Be it buying a new fruit bowl, displaying your copper cookware or leaving your utensils out – because, let’s face it, they are much easier to find when left in once place! So – Don’t hide away your kitchen appliances, instead make them the vocal point of your kitchen top, place wooden utensils into a beautiful ceramic pot and remember to keep  fruit in a bowl for variety and colour.





If you have pretty cookware, much like this gorgeous copper set,
then why not show it off in your kitchen by hanging
them above the oven.
This is an easy way to add some newness to your
kitchen without costing an arm and a leg!
For that rustic look, place your cookware on a wooden hanging rack with metal hooks.



Art doesn’t have to be subjected to the walls in your hallway or staircase.
Bring some boldness to the kitchen by adding some small
pieces of art to the kitchen counter top.

Remember, the picture frames should complement the colours of your kitchen.




You can never have too many plants in the house, and the kitchen is no exception!
Bring some life to your counter tops with lush green plants,
placing some smaller ones on counter tops and larger
ones on shelves keeps them out of the way.



Much like hanging your cookware above the oven, another way to update the look of your kitchen it to display small appliances on the counter top.
However, be mindful to not clutter the space, as most of these appliances can be quite cumbersome.

These are a great way to bring some colour in to any kitchen,
and gives you a chance to be bold with your choice.



If you’re not one for the minimalist look and instead enjoy having a
mixture of things on display, then go for it!

Display some pictures and a few of your favourite plates and cups on the shelf.
Whilst on the counter top, place some utensils into a pretty small pot (even better if the utensils are all one colour / material).