Home Decor Trends For Summer 2019

Trends are what influence us to buy things,
sometimes we buy items
without even realising that we are buying in to a particular trend.

Most trends come and go, some are popular for a few months,
others are around for years

– it just depends on how they evolve over time along with the consumer.

We’ve rounded up a few key trends that are hot for this summer,
as well as long term (so it’s not a complete waste of money!).


The plain and simple, yet totally cosy interior trend has had a revamp for Summer 2019 –
With the introduction of prints and textures to add more depth.
Key colours are white and light, warm greys.
These neutral colours
make buying accessories a lot easier,
since all types of hues will go lovely with them.
This trend is for the whole house.
Add some earthenware to your kitchen and bleached wood side tables in the bedroom,
so that the trend flows seamlessly throughout the house.


Curved lines, scalloped shaped wallpaper and iconic shades of the
70’s are what have made a comeback (again) for this season.
Mustard is the key colour in this trend,
paired with other rich tones such as navy blue and Night Watch green.
Let’s not forget about the retro geometric prints that will add some gorgeous depth to any room,
for this season they will adorn rugs, kitchenware, wall art and cushions.


A perfect trend for the summer time (and gloomy winter days!).
The gorgeous botanical print has made it’s way from cushion
covers to stunning statement wallpapers.

The banana leaf and palm prints are the most popular
in this trend due to the lovely shape and lush green colour of the leaf.

Key colours for this trend are leaf green (obviously!),
nude pink and mustard. Pair with wood materials for that laid back look.

The natural look has really become popular this year,
not only because it’s full of character and looks gorgeous,

but because people have become even more environmentally conscious.
This look is the perfect compromise –
the wood material will last long term and is therefore
environmentally safe, whilst also being totally on trend!

For example, shutters are a great option as they
keep your home warm in winter and cool in the summer.
Bleached wood is another popular option for this trend,
since it has a country chic look.


Gone are the days where it’s fashionable to hide everything away,
your kitchen counters being void of any life and completely minimal. 
Which is why open shelving has become extremely
popular in the last year or so.

It’s now on trend to have glassware and kitchenware on show,
especially if they are subtle coloured glass or neutral hand made ceramics.
The open shelving not only looks lovely, but it also completely
opens up a kitchen, making the space seem bigger.
Not to mention adding character!