Home Office Decor Ideas

Home Office Decor Ideas

I think we can all agree that working from home is certainly a bitter sweet experience.
On the upside, you get to be in the comfort of your own home all day,
making cups of tea and coffee whenever you please.

On the downside, it’s definitely a lot harder to concentrate and
stay productive (especially if you’re typing away in your pyjamas!)

Your home office doesn’t necessarily need to be a dedicated room in the house,
it can be the kitchen table, the conservatory or even the living room.

Whatever the room, it must have a positive vibe, and a clean table/desk.

If you have a dedicated room for an office in your home,
then make sure that there is at least one window in there to allow natural light to seep in.
Having a window in your office is also a (good) distraction. You can navigate to these guys to know about the best services offered for their maintenance. 
It’s not healthy to look at a computer screen all day,
so every once in a while remember to look up and out at the scenery for a couple of minutes,
you will feel refreshed and ready to get back to it!(Maybe)

Green plants in the home have become extremely popular in the
last couple of years, especially due to social media.

Yes, green plants in the office can look very pretty and totally instagrammable,
but did you know that they also add health benefits to the room? 
Plants reduce stress, increase productivity, reduce noise levels
and most importantly clean the air to breathe! 
We definitely recommend having one or two in your office to
help clear the mind and bring a fresh atmosphere.


A tidy room is a tidy mind!
Keeping your office space clean and organised is essential for productivity
and concentration.
The human mind is less focused when there is clutter around
and many people become uncomfortable in an untidy environment. 
A great way to keep your work space organised is by adding
shelves or a book case in the room.
This way you can store folders, files and books all in one place.
Even better – store them in specific groups and/or alphabetical order.


This home office has it all.
Lovely large windows, storage space, and a cosy nook to take short breaks!
It’s great to have a cosy part in your office,
however you must be careful with just how cosy it is! 
Give yourself a 10 minute break from working by sitting in
the nook and watching the news or checking your phone.
If you don’t trust yourself(!), set a timer on your phone.


Who says the office has to be boring? Certainly not us!
Add some quirkiness to your office space with unusual wallpaper and fun decor.
For this look to work, select a few key pieces that you want to display in your office,
this will prevent the room from becoming cluttered.
Faux fur rugs are a great place to start.
Even something as simple as colourful pencils displayed on
the desk will had some fun to the room.