How To Make A Christmas Wreath


how to make a christmas wreath

It’s that time of year again, where we begin to retreat into our homes, a time to hibernate away from the cold outdoors and enjoy the
warmth of our homes.
We start to bring the outdoors in, gathering pine cones, bringing in fir trees and spruces. We make our homes that bit cosier
by adding textures lighting warm fires and adding decorations from past Christmases.
Nothing says nostalgia more than Christmas, a time of year that is steeped in heritage and tradition.

Traditionally, wreathes were made from evergreens, which symbolise strength due to their ability to withstand the
harshest of winters. The circle symbolises eternity, with no beginning or end.
The word wreath is drawn from the old English word ‘writhen’, which means ‘to twist’.

A Christmas Wreath is an essential part of decorating your home for the holidays, and what better way
than to make your very own Christmas wreath!
Start by gathering some sweet-smelling foliage from the garden such as rosemary, bay, pine, eucalyptus, holly & Ivy.
Then begin to construct your wreath.


You can purchase a wire ring from your local craft shop or florist, gradually work around the ring,
adding moss and wiring the moss into place.


Once you’ve completed mossing, cut any excess moss away. Once any excess moss has been cut away,
back the moss with a plastic bag,  you can use a thick bin liner for this.
Pull it tight whilst you go around the moss ring with some German pins, which will hold the
polythene bag in place.
Once complete, cut away the excess polythene within the centre of the ring.
For the loop, use two pieces of floristry wire, feed it through the polythene and around the back bar of
the ring which will be standing proud.

how to make your own christmas wreath


Next, you need to wire up your foliage. Cut down the branch into small pieces, making sure you’ve got a minimum
of three sprigs to each piece you wire up.
When doing this make sure you’ve got similar sized pieces of foliage, as this will determine the size of your wreath.
Create a small secure bunch with the wire, this will create a structured wreath.

How to make your own christmas wreath


Once you’ve wired up all the foliage, you need to start adding it to the outer side of your ring.
Whilst turning the wreath take each bunch and stab into the moss at an angle, then bend the bunch back onto
itself so it lies flat. Make sure all your bunches follow the same direction.
Use the same technique within the outer ring but using smaller sized bunches.


Finally, for those finishing touches, add some decorations of your choice which will make your wreath unique to you.
We kept ours natural, with an organic bow with some gold trim, then we added some traditional oranges and
cinnamon sticks for an aromatic finishing touch.
Simply wire these pieces into place where you feel they are most suited,
and TA-DA, you have your very own Christmas wreath!

DIY christmas wreath

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