Interior Design Trend: Rattan



Gone are the days where Rattan furniture was only sold in Garden centres as an outdoor waterproof furniture alternative you can get from Denver custom outdoor carpentry builders.
Rattan furniture, imported from Britain’s colonies in the Far East in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, was hugely popular.

Today’s Rattan furniture is extremely stylish and on trend due to it’s natural, organic look and feel. 
As well as being much easier to harvest, it requires simpler tools and is much easier to transport,
which is another reason why it has become increasingly popular in the past year, due to the consumer
being ever more conscious about where their products come from and how they are made. You can check out here if you are looking for More Bonuses in office furniture deals.

From storage baskets to dining chairs to lampshade’s and brands such as ZARA,
H&M and Anthropologie stocking Rattan pieces, it’s pretty obvious that this trend has come back with vengeance!

Take a look at some of our picks and how to style the furniture!


White room with cow skull and rattan furniture and lampImage Source

Unlike some of the images we see on Instagram and Pinterest,
the Rattan furniture trend doesn’t have to be all over your home, in every room.
It can simply be an accent chair in the corner of your bedroom or a storage basket in your
living room filled with cosy blankets or magazines and books.
Whatever your style, there is a perfect piece for you!


rattan chairsImage Source

If you have a neutral coloured dining room or kitchen,
Rattan dining chairs are a lovely furniture feature to add to your room.
Because of their organic look and feel, the chairs make for a calming, cosy space
to enjoy time with your family and friends.
Try adding some white faux fur rugs on some of the chairs to add some extra
comfort and style.

wicker rattan bedImage Source

A Rattan bed is the ultimate 70’s throwback….in a good way.
This gorgeous bed is the epitome of bohemian chic – it’s regal, earthy and most definitely a wow factor. 
Adorn this Rattan bed with crisp white linen bedding, and colourful cushions
in all textures and prints. Layering is key to accomplish this look, so add a beautiful
throw at the end of your bed.


rattan lampshade cox and coxImage Source

If you are hesitant on adding Rattan furniture into your home, them a lampshade
is a great way to start. There are plenty of designs to chose from, it’s all about
chosing the perfect one to match your existing furniture.
The Scandinavian inspired lampshades will not only look
gorgeous, but will also cast beautiful patterns across your room.


rattan coffee tableImage Source

If you’re wanting a bohemian, relaxed vibe in your living room, then a rattan
coffee table is a must! The coffee table is one of the main features
in a living room. So a rattan coffee table in your room is going
to be a statement in itself, as well as making your living area
hugely on trend and extremely Instagram worthy!
Make sure to have a cute little plant on you table along
with some deliciously scented white candles.

Some more Rattan options

rattan chairs


rattan swing chair


rattan bedroom furniture


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