Interior Trend: California Dreamin’

If you are on Pinterest or Instagram, then you would have most likely seen the California trend making its way around. It’s organic textures, brightly lit rooms and colourful rugs have a gorgeous relaxed bohemian vibe, yet is still modern. The Californian interior aesthetic is undoubtedly laid back , in a natural and effortlessly cool way.

Take a look at some of our tips to help you achieve the cool Californian look in your home.

The contrast of the wood against the stark white walls are beautiful and serene, which in turn create a relaxing vibe. This is exactly what you want for that Californian feel!
Chose a light wooden chair with white linen cushions, this brings an organic look to your room. For added colour, place a single bohemian style cushion on the chair- this will add a gorgeous pop of brightness to your room.

Light brown leather seating is perfect for the Californian Dreamin’ look. It’s extremely comfortable, laid back and the brown colour is ideal to pair with a neutral colour palette .
A 3 seater leather sofa is great for this look, as well as a leather chaise sofa. Complete the look with a white faux fur throw slung across an arm / or the back of the sofa, and place tasselled cushions on each side for extra comfort and style.

Another seating suggestion would be anything similar to this stunning white cotton sofa. This brings a fresh, bright and clean atmosphere to the living room.
Paired with small and large square cushions for an extra relaxed vibe – try adding one or two colourful cushions on the sofa, along with green plants around the room to make the space feel Californian.

The epitome of the Californian look! A beautiful patterned bed frame set against a plain white wall, complete with beautiful white bed linen.
Bring some colour to the room by adding lush green plants in wicker or straw baskets.
Finish off the vibe by layering the bed linen with a gorgeous Aztec print throw and textured cushions in different shapes and sizes.

If you’re lucky enough to have a hallway that is wide enough to fit more than an umbrella holder, then a wooden bench is the perfect addition to add some Californian style to your home.
Accessorize with a large circular mirror in either black or gold, and a green plant of your choice.
For the finishing touch, place a colourful rug in your entryway – this adds some texture and warmth to the space.

Layering rugs may not be everyone’s interior taste, but if you are wanting that Californian vibe in your home, then layering two rugs on top of each other is a must for the living room!
We recommend to place a plain neutral coloured rug underneath, and then place a smaller, colourful rug on top – preferably with an Aztec pattern for a bohemian look.