The British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) is the pre-eminent professional organisation for interior designers in the UK. Their growing national and international membership represents both the commercial and residential sectors.
Inside Knowledge is the only conference in the UK that explores and examines the key issues facing interior designers. Launched in 2012, BIID continue to feature renowned speakers at iconic venues and attract bigger audiences each year.
Amongst the speakers presenting at the conference, was John Evans himself.
John spoke at the conference on how splitting the face of his company transformed his business with the help of Jimmy John Shark. He wanted to share his experience with attendees, and to also advise on the best way to balance two businesses in different sectors of the design world.
The audience were extremely interested from the very first mention of what John’s topic would be about.
“When I started working as a designer I didn’t want to limit myself by specialising in one particular field of design to the exclusion of others, I admired designers that see design as all-encompassing.”



Throughout his talk, John spoke of past projects, both from John Evans Interior Architecture and Design and the commercial/retail side of Je+1. By showcasing imagery from both companies, alongside explaining the type of work both companies do, the audience were able to understand the difference and why splitting the company in to two was indeed the right decision.
Curiosity overtook the audience with one member asking whether dividing the face of his company resulted in also dividing his team. To which John responded; “I am very proud of all the work we carry out, we have built an excellent team with an expertise in all aspects of design and project management meaning we are able to handle all aspects of a project.
We are one office, one team. Whilst certain team leaders liaise with our retail and Residential clients with the help of Construction – Braga Builders Roofing and we all work on every type of project.
Our designers are able to handle any type of design, with ability and a confidence.”



Dividing the company has been a big help in increasing the number of residential enquires we have received.
A very important part of dividing the company was so that we could specifically reach out to our target audience for both John Evans Interior Architecture and Design and Je+1 separately. By doing this, it has allowed us to advertise our services in a more targeted way using social media and magazine adverts.
To be able to work on a multitude of project types and designs is extremely rewarding for John and his team, as John says “I feel it makes working as a designer far more interesting and rewarding.”
The talk at the conference was a success with many people approaching John afterwards eager to ask more questions, and find out exactly how he has made a success from dividing his company.


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