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John’s 5 Tips: Bathrooms

Bathroom Design | John Evans Design

5 Tips for designing your bathroom

The fitting out of a bathroom even a small one can be a substantial expense and that means that the design and fitting out needs to be considered carefully.

1. Take care to plan the space carefully bearing in mind where the incoming and outgoing services are, this will influence where you place items such as showers, baths, basins and toilet pans. You might need the best toilet plumber here to get all these things right.

2. Choose Sanitary equipment and style of fittings carefully, go for a classic look that you will like for a long time and wont date easily. Also choose quality fittings that will last, don’t go for the cheapest price. As the cost of a plumber changing defective items will cost more in the long run.

3. Choose interior finishes that will stand up to the constant damp conditions and will be easy to clean, natural stones, porcelain tiles etc.

4. Flooring should be easy clean and preferably non-slip.

5. Lighting needs to be able to stand damp conditions, look for IP rated fittings IP 65 in showers IP 44 in most of the other areas check the regulations online.


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