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5 tips for Hallway Design

Hallway | John Evans Design | Blog

1. Clutter should be avoided at all costs.
Your hallway is the first impression that most people get when they visit you and if they have to fight their way past coats, push chairs etc this doesn’t welcome them in the way that it should. If you have the space it is a good idea to house coats etc in a cupboard

2. Mirrors
Used in a narrow hall, mirrors can give an impression of space as well as being very useful.

3. Small Furniture
Choose furniture that isn’t so large that it restricts access. Console table are available in narrow widths and are often ideal for this purpose.

4. Floor finishes
Finished should be hard wearing and easy to clean as this part of your house will get the most traffic, allow for a mat well if has to be inside and no gap at door threshold.

5. Lighting
Good lighting: if you have a high enough ceiling a nice pendant is ideal in this situation and if you have pictures on the walls backed up with good spotlights set into the ceiling. If you need any help with your lighting, a Residential lighting service in Hoboken is ready to service your home.

Hallway | John Evans Design | BlogHallway | John Evans Design | Blog