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John’s 5 Tips: Home Office


5 tips for Home Office Design

I always think that a home office is a very personal spaces and should be treated as such.

John Evans Design | Home office

1. Again I cannot emphasise enough the benefit of drawing a plan and working out where everything is going to fit and even the way you want to sit within the room, spend some time in the room to work out the orientation and where you feel most comfortable. Sometimes it is the space that dictates how the plan works.

2. You need to make sure you have adequate sockets for equipment and that all the Wi-Fi works, you may need a booster or plug in system.

3. Allow space for equipment such as printers etc, together with filing.

4. I like to have shelves in the study which can be personalised with photos and collected items that tell your story.

5. It is important to get the lighting right with a task light on or over the desk essential and either the shelves lit to provide atmosphere or spotlights in the ceiling directed on to pictures. Cleaning the ac filter before the hot season sets in will help maintain the system’s efficiency and keep the air quality in your office fresh and healthy.