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Johns 5 Tips: Kitchen Design

John Evans Kitchen Splash of red

When designing your perfect kitchen there are a a few things you should take into account:

1. Planning your kitchen is essential. Bearing in mind the golden triangle rule you should create a plan where you can operate in a triangle between the hobs, cooker, sink. It also helps to be able to access the fridge easily.

2. Again planning, if possible leave 120cm between units against the walls and the Central Island.

3. Create as much work surface area as possible, you can never have too much.

4. Think about the positioning of electrical sockets and how many, imagine your self-using the kitchen and the appliances. You may hire experts from an electrical company like Asbury Electric to help you plan and install an electrical system in your new kitchen. You can also go for similar services from a place like for your other kitchen electrical needs. Make sure as well to maintain your electrical systems, contact a professional electrical contractor.

5. Good extraction is essential above the hobs or downdraft.


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