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John’s 5 Tips: Swimming Pool Design


John Evans Design | Swimming Pool Design | Blog | jacuziTop 5 Tips Designing swimming pools.

Having a Swimming pool is a large commitment and needs to be considered carefully along with deciding the things to buy here, we have designed outdoor pools and indoor pools and of course it is possible to have an indoor pool that can turn into an outdoor pool.

In England it is possibly more sensible to have an indoor pool that can be used all year round, we have worked on projects where clients have had both an indoor and an outdoor pool giving them the best of both options.

1. Decide on the location of the Swimming pool bearing in mind the work in creating a pool, and the size of pool you are wanting to create don’t forget that you will need a plant room. Small pools can work well when coupled with swimming jets for counter current.

2. Decide what you are looking for from a swimming pool if you are a swimmer that likes to use a pool to keep fit, it may be a consideration to have a lap pool which is a narrower and longer style pool popular with lane swimmers. If you like entertaining it may be an idea to have a pool that can accommodate parties and this may mean the addition of a Jacuzzi together with steam room and sauna’s, you will also have to consider changing rooms, we have even accommodated bars in our designs together with children’s pools.

3. One of the main things to consider with swimming pools is the materials used within the environment. Due to the heat and damp, materials should be well researched to make sure they can stand up to the hostile environment of the pool. If in doubt don’t use.

4. Consider the lighting, if lit properly a swimming pool can look magical and nowadays with Led lighting technologies the possibilities are endless. Coupled with lighting systems such as Lutron.

5. Don’t forget to add a sound system and speakers that can cope with the environment these can be coupled to Lutron systems, you can even have underwater speakers!