Photo-realistic Visualisation, Basement Swimming Pool

By John Evans

As promised in my last blog, the way in which present most of our interior schemes now is in three-dimensional, photo realistic visuals and walkthroughs, which are really like being in the space and being able to experience the final results before the work is completed.

The great thing about this method of presenting is that it leaves nothing to chance, which is an enormous help for our clients, enabling them to see the end result before work has started on site.

It is easier and far less expensive to make alterations in the computer than to work on a project and have a disappointed client.

We have always put a lot of work into the interiors we present and the details are important to us so we go through these video’s as if we where constructing the interior, this saves an enormous amount of time when it comes to producing the detailed drawings for the contractors to quote from.

We have also designed and placed the furniture within the space, this is essential as we produce these models in a full-scale format, enabling us to make sure that all of the pieces fit where they are supposed to.

These models also help to explain to the contractors the look and finish we are hoping to achieve, besides giving the appointed quantity surveyor a really good basis to check prices received.

With this walkthrough it is even possible to go for a swim without getting wet!

Swimming Pool Detail Design

This walkthrough is showing the swimming pool in the basement of a large four storey property which is in the process of being constructed. This means that it could take a year or more before we all see the results but at least our client has something to look forward to.

We have over the years worked on many swimming pools, indoor and outside, though in England having an indoor swimming pool certainly makes it more usable all year round, unless you are the hardy type that is not bothered by the cold.

The thing to remember about indoor pools is that the interior finishes that are used have to be able to stand up to the environment created which is tropical to say the least as temperatures can reach a humid 30 degrees Celsius. There are many other factors to take into account including non-slip floors that are able to drain easily, so that pools of water don’t occur.

This particular pool is shown with a deck level filtration system where the water drains off into a slot around the pool, this is a popular system that is used widely in residential pools as the way it works means the water flows over the edge of the pool edging giving a much cleaner look to the pool and is aesthetically pleasing.

We have designed all sorts of pools in the past and several can be seen on our website usually combined with Steam Rooms, saunas and rinse showers. There is one showing an upstairs relaxation and massage area, reached by a stainless steel and glass staircase and another example with a gymnasium over a pool reached by a glass sided bridge, that also provides access to a home office.

We love to be tasked with creating something different and sometimes difficult so when you are looking to add a swimming pool give us a call.