Revamp, Restyle, Reveal

You may or may not have heard of the increasingly popular Interior blog & social media challenge – Revamp, Restyle, Reveal

Created by Interior bloggers, Lisa Dawson and Bianca Hall, the challenge sees 10 Interior bloggers update one room in their home over the course of four weeks, with the assistance of sponsors. The hashtag #RevampRestyleReveal has over 8,000 posts on Instagram and is filled with quirky and brilliant interior ideas.

Take a look at the gorgeous entries for the Season 3 of Revamp, Restyle, Reveal below, and be sure to let us know which one is your favourite!

Lust Living’s hallway has been transformed in to this gorgeous inviting entryway. The penny tiled flooring with “You Look Good” is a brilliantly quirky way for your guests to be greeted.
The fresh white paint, along with the decorative black stripe really opens up the hallway and compliments the pink and black flooring. To see more before and after images of this transformation click here.

This office makeover by Luke Arthur Wells is a complete transformation from the bedroom it once was!
Two of the main features in the room are a beautiful black fireplace and the ridged backboard and shelf which both add a lovely decorative touch. And make the room extremely instagrammable! Click here to see the amazing transformation

The host of Revamp, Restore, Reveal, Lisa Dawson’s bathroom was in her own words “in dire need of some TLC”. Lisa removed the bath, and replaced it with a wet room shower area, as well as adding a gorgeous marble top vanity unit, also made from kitchen cupboards, on the opposite side of the bathroom. For more images of the renovation, click here

Co-host Bianca wanted to revamp this bedroom which used to belong to her son, who had moved to a room upstairs. She had initially given up her office, and was instead working all over the house, therefore Bianca really needed a designated work zone. To see more of this gorgeous transformation, click here.

Malcolm from DesignSixtyNine decided to do a living room makeover – even though the room is already stunning and pleasing to the eye, they wanted a change. The colour went from a dark grey to a paler, warmer version and changed the furniture from blue to soft reds and burgundies.
It’s amazing how much change a different shade of paint can bring to a room! Check out more of the fantastic images here.

Matthew Shaw from Matthew Shaw Interior Styling decided to revamp his Master Bedroom. He wanted to keep things light and fresh since their last bedroom in the previous house was a dark blue, which suited their small bedroom perfectly. But now, with a huge master bedroom, a lighter shade was a must. To see more Before and After images, click here.

Daniela Tasca York, winner of The Great Interior Design Challenge, wanted to revamp her bedroom / En suite, as she describes the room being “long, thin and characterless.” The existing furniture she said was generally cheap and broken, so new fresh pieces were essential. As you can see, the room has been transformed in to a swoon worthy bedroom and en suite.
Click here to see the amazing transformation and for some gorgeous inspiration.

Next, The 1930’s Fixer Upper decided it was time to finish their kitchen and entryway, after it being 2 years since their extension had been completed.
They wanted to create an area within the kitchen where drinks could be made when they entertain friends and family(perfect idea!). And to also ensure that there was better flow between the kitchen and entryway, which we think they have certainly mastered. Click here to see more lovely images.

Kat from Rock n Roll Bridge went to the dark side with her Revamp of the snug room. They were left with just a week(yes, a week!) to transform their room, after realising the floorboard joists were in such a bad state, they needed replacing! The finished room is a super cosy and dark living area, which will be perfect for relaxing all year round. Check out the transformation here.

The final Revamp, Restyle, Reveal is a lovely attic makeover by Tamsyn Morgans. Tamsyn wanted to revamp the attic because her daughter thought it would be the perfect place to sit and chat. A lovely idea! The beautiful theme is floral and perfect for afternoon tea. Click here to see some more gorgeous pictures of the transformation.