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Small Bathroom Challenges


Small bathroom challenges:

Small Bathroom | John Evans Design

As Interior Designers we have faced many challenges over the years in our quest to provide the perfect solutions to our Clients requests. We have designed all styles of Bathrooms, shower rooms, plus changing rooms for our leisure based projects. People can check and learn more about Fast Bath if they need the best bathroom fittings.

A bathroom remodeling project in small spaces like this can be particularly challenging as we want them to have a luxurious coordinated feel that still contains everything that that is needed. So a well-planned bathroom remodeling design is necessary to achieve what is needed. Also, if your bathroom is connected to a septic system, take this time to check if it’s due for a septic tank cleaning service.

Small Bathroom | John Evans Design

En-Suite Shower room

A recent project included a small en-suite shower room which had a pitched roof. If you need professional roofing services in San Antonio, TX, you may contact companies like Carolina Home Specialists or visit sites like

The shower room also had a large window which was the main window to the bedroom so we wanted to retain the light it gave. We achieved this by replacing the glass in the window with opaque and provided an opaque glass door to the shower room which lines though with the window.

The shower room is lined entirely in Carrara marble including the floor with a walk in shower and glass screen. The floor is bush hammered to provide a none slip surface. A niche is provided for shampoo’s and soaps in the shower and above the basin is a bespoke mirrored cupboard. The basin sits on a purpose made shelf which is shaped to be as small as possible due to the close proximity of the toilet pan. If you need help with your plumbing fixtures, you can contact this plumbing company in Fairbanks Ranch, CA. I also recommend you to search the internet so you’ll be able to find the list of plumbers near you and once you find one, click to investigate.

The desired lighting effect is achieved through the use of a low level waterproof fitting in the shower and a waterproof LED strip fixed in a space between the marble lining and the pitched ceiling. We finished the lighting by adding a Philip Stark designed over basin fitting, which we have used on several projects, the shade is glass and has a simplicity to it which I really like.