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Wine Storage


Wine should always be stored at the correct temperature to ensure the flavour and balance remains. Incorrect One Stop Self Storage conditions can ruin your wine. Which is why wine purchased for investment is most often held by the suppliers in temperature controlled cellars to ensure future purchasers of its condition.


Optimum temperatures:


The ideal temperatures for wine storage range is between 12ᵒC – 19ᵒC, for red wine 8ᵒC – 12ᵒC, for white wine and 5ᵒC – 8ᵒC for champagne. The perfect temperature does depend on many factors and as a general rule wine should be stored at about 11ᵒC – 14ᵒC but should never go above 24ᵒC

Wine storage temperature should be kept as constant as possible as any fluctuations can damage the wine.


Key Features:


There are many types of storage available for wine and it depends on what quantities of wine you are looking to store and for how long, it may be you look at a variety of options.

Wine Cellars are the best way to store wine, these can be temperature and humidity controlled, if an existing cellar is not available there are companies that specialize in spiral cellars that can be installed into floors in existing rooms.

Wine cabinets or refrigerators can purchased in a variety of sizes and are good investment for anyone interested in wine. Wine can also be stored in a dedicated room in your house provided you can control the temperature separately, it is also a good idea to control the amount of UV light as this can also have an impact.




The placement of wine coolers within the kitchen really depends on the size and shape of your room but I always feel they are best kept away from the areas of cooking and food preparation, we have placed them in all sorts of places, as illuminated features in corridors, in dining rooms in specially made cabinets, in kitchen dining areas, in under counter units, etc. The important thing is that they are easily accessible as there is nothing nicer than a glass of wine after a long day at work.