Workspaces – Out of the Office and Into the Home

As most of us around the country are starting to set up our work stations from home. Take some time to consider the interior that you will be spending most of your working day in. Ideally set your workstation up in a separate room away from your day to day living. This allows you to close the door and be away from all the distractions around the house.


Also consider selecting a room which is filled with plenty of natural light, light bright spaces really work wonders for the soul.
Access to natural light and views to the outdoors improves well being and therefor improves your work performance.


In addition to this, improving air quality within the space you are working in, has also been proven to increase well being and working performance.
A way to achieve this is to add plants around the interior that you will be working in, plants produce oxygen and therefore improve the air quality. A report by Harvard shows ‘78% of employees say access to natural light and views improves their wellbeing and 70% report improved work performance.’

Aside from this, you can also install a cooling system with the help of an expert from places like to have a more relaxing and comfortable working space.


Finally it is also important to surround yourself with things that are precious to you, things that make you happy and things that inspire you.
Go around the house and gather up your favourite pieces of art, family photos and books etc.
Set these items up in clusters, style the interior so that you are happy to spend your day in the room you have selected.

We have selected some photos of various home offices that may inspire your own home office set-up. Please share your home office set-up with us we would love to see them.